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--- Quote ---PS5 Details and Launch



    24GB RAM.

    2TB storage (SSD + custom).

    BC with all previous Playstations.

    Minor changes to DS5, also has IR camera.

    Launches worldwide September 2020.

    PSVR2 coming later.

    Big first party year 1 games are Gran Turismo and Horizon 2. GT will launch with the console. There's other titles for year 1, but these are the two "big" ones at the reveal event.

    Japan Studio will be at launch with a new IP, will also be shown off at event, but they have begun work on a AAA title too.

    San Diego is the only other first party studio planned to appear at the event.

    No plans for any upcoming PS4 first party titles to be cross gen at release.

    All of Ghost, TLOU2, and Death Stranding are planned to release by mid-2020 as PS4 games.

    TLOU2 late 2019, Ghost early 2020, and Death Stranding after that, barring any delays.

    No PS5 versions are decided at the moment. Focus is on delivering the PS4 versions. Discussions about how to proceed with hypothetical PS5 versions - if you launch a significantly upgraded PS5 game for retail/digital in year 1, then letting PS4 owners pay a small upgrade fee since the PS4 disc is usable and playable on PS5 anyway seems to be favored route. Alternatively, you just play the normal PS4 disc on the PS5.

    Square Enix will be at reveal event with Luminous Production new IP (RPG) and Final Fantasy 16.

    FF16 was originally planned as a current gen title but due to the screw up with FF7 Remake which delayed it from the planned release of 2018, it was moved to next gen.

    FF7 Remake is not a PS5 release. Current gen only and no plans for a PS5 version right now.

    LP is also making a FF15 PS5 Edition for launch.

    DQXI with added content will be on PS5.

    Capcom, Warner Bros, and Rockstar (RDR2 next gen) will be at the reveal event.

Those are the only things confirmed for now as planning is underway.
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