Author Topic: Apple and Samsung Own 55% of the Global Smartphone Market, 90% of the Profits  (Read 2206 times)

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Apple and Samsung own 55% of the global smartphone market according to a new ABI Research report, which also said that the two firms also pull in 90% of the market’s profits. We can’t say we’re too surprised by these results, especially considering the sheer number of smartphones Samsung pumps out each year to various markets and the continued success of the iPhone. ABI Research said that smartphone shipments jumped 41% year-on-year to 144.6 million units shipped as of March of this year.

Samsung shipped 43 million units during the first quarter of 2012 followed by Apple which shipped 35 million units. No other phone maker even came close to those two firms. Nokia shipped 11.9 million units, RIM shipped 11.1 million units, Sony shipped 7 million smartphones, Huawei shipped 6.8 million, and ZTE shipped 4.9 million smartphones. China will be a key growth area for any smartphone maker looking to boost share. “As the smartphone markets of North America and Western Europe pass 50% penetration, smartphone OEMs should seek growth in key markets, such as China, which continues to show strong shipment growth of over 80%,” ZTE said.

“As Nokia’s market share in China plummets, the competition to fill this power vacuum has the potential to make or break smartphone OEMs currently struggling with profitability and differentiation,” adds Jeff Orr, practice director, devices, applications & content.