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So now you see some tableture up or whatnot, and possible songs with chords names on them.  I thought this would be sweet to have so you can see how to form those chords.   Remember, most of these are starting from the first fret, meaning, the very first "rectangle" on the neck of your guitar.  Numbers are what finger you "should" be using.  1=your pointer finger, and so on.   If you see a few "1s" in a row followed by a -type of symbol, that means to "bar" your first finger, so that entire fret is covered, and then use the other fingers below to finish the chord.

Keith, if I'm wrong on any of this, feel free to correct, and add your knowledge as well.  And people ask questions if you have them.  I'm also adding the pictures in the attachments of this post as well, for way bigger viewing if you can't see it well on the pasted pics.

Nice! Now that's the stuff I need!

just remember, those pretty much all start from the first fret.


--- Quote from: miDnIghtEr20C on July 22, 2011, 07:42:39 AM ---just remember, those pretty much all start from the first fret.

--- End quote ---
heh well I need myself a geeetar first sir, I'm also not completely musically ignorant ;)

Awesome post Midnighter! You are correct by the way.


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