Author Topic: Nexus S vs Galaxy Tab Vs Nexus one - Which is the fastest at 3D Graphics?  (Read 2094 times)

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I uploaded two videos of the N1, NS and GalaxyTab running 2 benchmark programs from Android Market recently and here are the results:


Nexus One: 27.9fps
Nexus S: 55.5fps
Galaxy Tab: 53.6fps


Nexus One: 14.4fps
Nexus S: 42.5fps
Galaxy Tab: 36.3fps

Both the Nexus One and Nexus S run at a resolution of 800x480 but the Galaxy Tab has more pixels to push at 1024x600 resolution but still beats the Nexus One easily!

Anyone want to run the benchmarks above to see how your Android device compares? :D
NenaMark1 Link:
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