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The Middle...
« on: September 19, 2009, 05:03:33 PM »
As the boards were made, the two were joined by the second "All Star Moderator"...  Bigal.   He along with 0xym0r0n, helped the forum Administrator, craft a wonderful message board, piece by piece.  LoadySmurf joined the clan, right before bigal, but wanted to remain a "normal" Member for the the time being.  As the weeks went by, more Members joined the Showtime rankings.  But along with the new, excited members, lurked an evil, betraying, Member of FILTH.

Team Zipway, started to complain to us about our language.  He started to say things about us to other sites, and predicting us to be shut down, from the start.  His lack of faith, left a bitter taste in the three young Showtime Founding Members.  A taste that was washed cleaned with the BANNING of Team Zipway.  His ramblings can be found here...

Those were not all, but just samples of some of the madness.  Trust us, that page is nothing compared to what we deleted. ;)  But did Showtime for Free die?  NO!  8-)   

No it didn't.

:::::::::::::::End of Act 2:::::::::::::::::