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The Beginning...
« on: September 19, 2009, 05:02:12 PM »
On a cold and windy night, in the year of 2005, the world gave birth to a Message Board like no other.  December 8th, was a night to remember, as a member of the EVER frustrating "PSP SQUAD", had to finally jump ship, and start his very own, new, fresh Community.

This member had NO IDEA what he was doing, that was until one of the most LEGENDARY of Showtime Members first signed up, to help battle the oppression of the "PSP SQUAD".
@0xym0r0n  helped the young, bold, but still wet behind the ears renegade, as the two worked throughout the night to start off this glorious Message Board we call "Home" ;)  As the night pass, the brave, heroic, rebels continued their onslaught, as they put together a Community of categories, from absolutely nothing.  Board after board, one after the other,  the forum started to take shape and come together.

::::::::::::::::::END OF ACT 1:::::::::::::::::::::
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