Author Topic: iPhone 4G can't be held in the left hand...... "you're holding it wrong!"  (Read 2427 times)

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What a clusterfuck by Apple.

Lots of people reporting that the iPhone 4 completely loses signal if it is held covering the bottom left corner of the phone. The solution? Jobs says Just avoid holding it the wrong way.

This isn't an option for me Steve being left handed and all, I tend to use that hand to do the majority of stuff. <ahem>  :P

Antoher answer? It's normal as Other Mobile Phones With Similar Signal Loss Issues

Not for me it isn't, I tested my N1 and my wife's iPhone with neither of them completely losing signal.

What a crazy situation, especially as Apple seem to be incapable of "avoid[ing] holding it the wrong way".
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holy shit!    that is crazy!   what a goof!