Author Topic: Where did the name, "Showtime for Free" come from...  (Read 3553 times)

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Where did the name, "Showtime for Free" come from...
« on: June 10, 2010, 12:16:49 PM »
I get asked a lot.. (believe it or not), but I do.. I get a lot of asking.. "What is Showtime for Free?"

Well... Back in the day when I used to play a lot of street Basketball, me and a buddy used to go out and dominate games at night over at the ol Edison Rec center.. out door court here in Huntington Beach.   Anyways.. My buddy, who is Vietnamese and an excellent outside shooter.. they dubbed him "The Unabomber", because he used to just bomb threes from distance out there... well, when you checked the ball in at the top of the key after fouls, or the ball going out of bounds.. He used to take the ball after the check when we started the game in session.. and would throw me an alley oop pass, that I would dunk down right as the inbound would happen.   It became a thing we did about 6 times.   God.. back in the day I had hops... and yes, those videos and stuff are posted in the Sports section of our lovely boards here...

But after we would pull of the Alley Oop... he used to run down the court talking shit to the other team, and yelling out.. "We're giving them Showtime for Free!"... meaning that the people on the other team, and people watching the game waiting for the next game, didn't have to pay to watch some good balling going on.     :)

So anyways,.. that always stuck with me, and I used to call my Madden teams, or NBA Live/2K teams, .. Showtime for Free... and then that just came to me to start a forum one day, that gives you cool people.. cool chat.. fun prizes, and just all sorts of fun cool stuff.... FOR FREE... Just a fun message board,.. when you're bored to come and check in on.

So anyways.. that's where the name came from.       :)