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Ever peed in a diaper so you could stay and see your favorite band play?

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title says it all.            would you?     have you ever?        is there a band out there, where you wouldn't want to miss a second of their show,.. and pee yourself?

well i wouldn't.    no way.

ps.. got this idea because of a story i heard on Howard Stern.   Richard Christy says he prepares himself with a diaper when he goes to see his faves play.   doesn't surprise me.  lol...

2 words FLOGGING...MOLLY... Nuff said.


--- Quote from: SuspectedTuna on April 03, 2010, 07:05:32 PM ---2 words FLOGGING...MOLLY... Nuff said.

--- End quote ---
HA!   awesome!   :D   Karma for you!

Loady Smurf:
Wow, as someone about to attend the Coachella Music & Arts festival next weekend, this is a GREAT idea!!! Discustingly, I would totally do this!  :o  ;D


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