Author Topic: DROID #1, iPhone 3GS #4 in TIME Top 10 Gadgets for 2009, Take that iPhone!  (Read 2004 times)

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I know this one is going to hurt those who drink too much iDonít koolaid, because they never, in their most wildest dreams thought about any other phone beating the iPhone. But it happened, TIME announced their ďTop 10 Everything of 2009″ list, and the Motorola DROID ranks on number 1, and the iPhone 3GS took number 4 on the gadgets category.

As a matter of fact, the Barnes & Noble nook is the device that took the second place, and Dysonís Air Multiplier bladeless, nonbuffeting fan took third place. Now, as we all know, many upset iPhone followers will not believe this, but who cares now. Do you? TIME, of course, is just one magazine saying this, for now anyway, there might be more coming down the pike.

Next, for your reading pleasure, is what TIME had to say about the DROID and the iPhone:

    1. Motorola Droid
    Everybody likes Android, Googleís open-source smartphone operating system. But a smartphone operating system isnít all that satisfying without an actual kick-ass smartphone wrapped around it. Now Android has one: The Droid is a hefty beast, a metal behemoth without the gloss and finish of the iPhone, but you donít miss it. The Droidís touchscreen is phenomenally sharp and vivid, it has an actual physical (not great, but good enough) keyboard, and best of all, the Droid is on Verizonís best-of-breed 3G network. Itís Androidís first credible challenge to the iPhone. Price: $300.

    4. iPhone 3GS
    Take the iPhone. Make it faster. There, youíre done. Yes, the 3GS has a better camera ó with video. And it has a compass and voice control. Those are all improvements over the original. But the main point of, and the best thing about, the new iPhone is speed. It has more of it. Period. Price: $200 to $300.
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Re: DROID #1, iPhone 3GS #4 in TIME Top 10 Gadgets for 2009, Take that iPhone!
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Awesome lol

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Re: DROID #1, iPhone 3GS #4 in TIME Top 10 Gadgets for 2009, Take that iPhone!
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Very nice! I got mine do you??

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Android ftw! :)
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