Author Topic: Justin, Chris and Rihanna These Are The Perfect Illuminati Scandalists...  (Read 338 times)

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These singing legends do share the same tattoo. They all have many tattoos except for Rihanna has to leave huge space as a woman to be attractive.

Justin Bieber has so many tattoos and he ain't about to quit adding them. The 'Baby' singer has the angel's wings tattoo at the back of his neck. The 22-year-old singer is so into Jesus now since he just can't shake but to praise him on his instagram account and tour. One day on his performance he wore a cut-off sleeve shirt written on the back "BIGGER THAN SATAN".

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That is huge for him to admit. Which leads to a question "Is Justin Bieber not an illuminati?". With the whole success and everything he has achieved so far, brings a huge doubt.

With all that being said. Life is simple.

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