Author Topic: Sonic Boom today?  (Read 868 times)

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Sonic Boom today?
« on: April 09, 2014, 03:02:28 PM »
People at work telling me we had an earthquake but there was none and they said they heard windows rattle and stuff.. but nothing.   Pendalton says no drills were done.. wtf is going on here?   The news is saying they don't know what happened.. what's going on?

Is the government messing up.. using their earthquake machine and it didn't work?  It started and then nothing?   Wha?

Officials were working Wednesday to figure out the source of a strong jolt felt across Southern California.

People reported shaking from Huntington Beach in Orange County to Long Beach in Los Angeles County after 1 p.m. No damages were reported.

Caltech officials reported the jolt was sonic in nature, not seismic. They were looking into the source of the jolt.

Marine Sgt.Christopher Duncan, at Camp Pendleton, said there were no training related sonic booms or any weapons discharges that could have caused it, but authorities were checking to make sure.

Twitter lit up with posts about the shaking.

"Lots of us felt the short yet violent shake from Long Beach to Laguna!" wrote Twitter user Larry Tenney.