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Aliens are real! I knew it!
« on: June 08, 2013, 08:28:56 AM »
Canada saying it's real... And I believe them.  USA hides this shit.    Scary, a "Shadow Government"    Crazy shit going on.   I wish I was born at a later time to see all this stuff come true one day.

Published on Jun 1, 2013

Hon. Paul Hellyer - Minister of National Defense
Testified knowing of 4 Alien races actively visiting Earth.
Source Channel:
Producer: Reuben Langdon

Monsignor Corrado Balducci
Vatican theologian-Interview on Italian television
"We can no longer think... is it true? Is it not true? Are they truths or are they lies--if we believe or if we don't believe--no! There are already numerous considerations which make the existence of these beings [extraterrestrials] into a certainty we cannot doubt."

Former Special Assistant to the Executive Director of the CIA Victor Marchetti: How the CIA Views the UFO Phenomenon, Second Look, Vol. 1, No. 7, Washington, D.C. (5/1979) -- "We have, indeed, been contacted -- perhaps even visited -- by extraterrestrial beings, and the US government, in collusion with the other national powers of the Earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public."

Deputy Chief of the Royal Belgian Air Force Major-General Wilfred de Brouwer: "Postface" in SOBEPS' Vague d'OVNI sur la Belgique - Un Dossier Exceptionnel, Brussels: SOBEPS (1991) -- "In any case, the Air Force has arrived to the conclusion that a certain number of anomalous phenomena has been produced within Belgian airspace. The numerous testimonies of ground observations compiled in this [SOBEPS] book, reinforced by the reports of the night of March 30-31 [1990], have led us to face the hypothesis that a certain number of unauthorized aerial activities have taken place. Until now, not a single trace of aggressiveness has been signaled; military or civilian air traffic has not been perturbed nor threatened. We can therefore advance that the presumed activities do not constitute a direct menace."
"The day will come undoubtedly when the phenomenon will be observed with technological means of detection and collection that won't leave a single doubt about its origin. This should lift a part of the veil that has covered the mystery for a long time. A mystery that continues to the present. But it exists, it is real, and that in itself is an important conclusion."

Japan's Top Government Spokesperson, Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura and Japan's Defense Minister, Shigeru Ishiba :
Beliefs and Concerns about UFOs - Japan's top government spokesperson: UFO's definitely exist. Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura said to reporters on December 18, 2007, "I definitely believe they (UFOs) exist."
3 days later Japan's Defence Minister Shigeru Ishiba considers how his Self Defence Forces could respond to an attack by space aliens while adhering to limits on military action under the country's war-renouncing Constitution. "There are no grounds for us to deny there are unidentified flying objects and some lifeform that controls them", Ishiba said. "Few discussions have been held on what the legal grounds are" for military response. (Bloomberg) by Stuart Biggs

Sworn Affidavit by a Lieutenant Walter Haut concerning his experience of the 1947 UFO crash AT Roswell, NM:
Lt. Walter Haut, public relations officer at Roswell Army Air Field in 1947 left a sworn affidavit concerning his experience with the Roswell UFO crash in 1947. His sworn affidavit was only to be opened after his death. Haut died in December 2005 and sometime in June of 2007 the text contained therein had been released. He describes seeing the UFO and the occupants consisting of alien bodies as well as a high-level meeting with Col. William Blanchard and General Roger Ramey, Commander of the Eighth Army Air Force.

Astronaut Scott Carpenter
"At no time, when the astronauts were in space were they alone: there was a constant surveillance by UFOs." ~ Astronaut Scott Carpenter - Carpenter photographed a UFO while in orbit on May 24, 1962. NASA still has not released the photograph to the public.

Buzz Aldrin on Fox News
"We just about could have said, 'Look, we see a UFO out the window going along with us.' You know what would have happened? The public would have gone crazy! We were smart enough to say, 'Where is the upper stage rocket? We think we might be looking at that out the window."

Colonel Joseph J. Bryan III
Founding member of the CIA's psychological warfare staff, advisor to NATO
"These UFOs are interplanetary devices systematically observing the Earth, either manned or under remote control, or both."
"Information on UFOs, including sighting reports, has been and is still being officially withheld."

President Jimmy Carter
Interview following his sighting of a UFO at Leary, Georgia - October 1969
"It was the darndest thing I've ever seen. It was big, it was very bright, it changed colors, and it was about the size of the moon. A red and green glowing orb radiated as it hurtled across the southwestern Georgia skies. We watched it for ten minutes, but none of us could figure out what it was. One thing's for sure: I'll never make fun of people who say they've seen unidentified flying objects in the sky."

"Tall Whites"  Alien Race....

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Re: Aliens are real! I knew it!
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2013, 08:30:12 AM »

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Re: Aliens are real! I knew it!
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2013, 03:47:28 PM »
 :woot!: :woot!: :woot!: :woot!:

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Re: Aliens are real! I knew it!
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Re: Aliens are real! I knew it!
« Reply #4 on: June 08, 2013, 05:24:32 PM »

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Re: Aliens are real! I knew it!
« Reply #5 on: June 08, 2013, 06:14:44 PM »
So fucking amazing... call me crazy.. i believe this guy.. this is exerts from the video above....

 Phil Schneider lecture - Part 1


In May 1995, Phil Schneider did a lecture on what he had discovered. Seven months later he was tortured and killed by those for whom he had previously worked.


This man's final acts should not go unnoticed.

    "It is because of the horrendous structure of the federal government that I feel directly imperiled *not* to tell anybody about this material. How long I will be able to do this is anybody's guess. However, I would like to mention that this talk is going to be broken up into four main topics. Each of these topics will have some bearing on what you people are involved in, whether you are patriots or not.

    "I want you to know that these United States are a beautiful place. I have gone to more than 70 countries, and I cannot remember any country that has the beauty, as well as the magnificence of its people, like these United States.

    "To give you an overview of basically what I am, I started off and went through engineering school. Half of my school was in that field, and I built up a reputation for being a geological engineer, as well as a structural engineer with both military and aerospace applications. I have helped build two main bases in the United States that have some significance as far as what is called the New World Order. The first base is the one at Dulce, New Mexico. I was involved in 1979 in a firefight with alien humanoids, and I was one of the survivors. I'm probably the only talking survivor you will ever hear. Two other survivors are under close guard. I am the only one left that knows the detailed files of the entire operation. Sixty-six secret service agents, FBI, Black Berets and the like, died in that firefight. I was there.

    "Number one, part of what I am going to tell you is going to be very shocking. Part of what I am going to tell you is probably going to be very unbelievable, though, instead of putting your glasses on, I'm going to ask you to put your 'skepticals' on. But please, feel free to do your own homework. I know the Freedom of Information Act isn't much to go on, but it's the best we've got. The local law library is a good place to look for Congressional Records.


    So, if one continues to do their homework, then one can be standing vigilant in regard to their country.



Deep Underground Military Bases and the Black Budget

    "I love the country I am living in, more than I love my life, but I would not be standing before you now, risking my life, if I did not believe it was so. The first part of this talk is going to concern deep underground military bases and the black budget. The Black Budget is a secretive budget that garners 25% of the gross national product of the United States. The Black Budget currently consumes $1.25 trillion per [2] years. At least this amount is used in black programs, like those concerned with deep underground military bases. Presently, there are 129 deep underground military bases in the United States.

    "They have been building these 129 bases day and night, unceasingly, since the early 1940's. Some of them were built even earlier than that. These bases are basically large cities underground connected by high-speed magneto-leviton trains that have speeds up to Mach 2. Several books have been written about this activity. Al Bielek has my only copy of one of them. Richard Sauder, a Ph.D architect, has risked his life by talking about this. He worked with a number of government agencies on deep underground military bases. In around where you live, in Idaho, there are 11 of them.

    "The average depth of these bases is over a mile, and they again are basically whole cities underground. They all are between 2.66 and 4.25 cubic miles in size. They have laser drilling machines that can drill a tunnel seven miles long in one day. The Black Projects sidestep the authority of CONGRESS, which as we know is illegal. Right now, the New World Order is depending on these bases. If I had known at the time I was working on them that the NWO was involved, I would not have done it.


    I was lied to rather extensively.



Development of Military Technology, Implied German Interest in Hyperspacial Technology, and More

    "Basically, as far as technology is concerned, for every calendar year that transpires, military technology increases about 44.5 years [compared with the increase rate of 'conventional' technology]. This is why it is easy to understand that back in 1943 they were able to create, through the use of vacuum tube technology, a ship that could literally disappear from one place and appear in another place. My father, Otto Oscar Schneider, fought on both sides of the war. He was originally a U-boat captain, and was captured and repatriated in the United States. He was involved with different kinds of concerns, such as the A-bomb, the H-bomb and the Philadelphia Experiment.


    He invented a high-speed camera that took pictures of the first atomic (Hydrogen or H-Bomb - Branton) tests at Bikini Island on July 12, 1946. I have original photographs of that test, and the photos also show UFO's fleeing the bomb site at a high rate of speed. Bikini Island at the time was infested with them, especially under the water, and the natives had problems with their animals being mutilated. At that time, General MacArthur felt that the next war would be with aliens from other worlds.

    "Anyway, my father laid the groundwork with theoreticians about the Philadelphia experiment, as well as other experiments. What does that have to do with me? Nothing, other than the fact that he was my father. I don't agree with what he did on the other side, but I think he had a lot of guts in coming here. He was hated in Germany. There was a $1 million reward, payable in gold, to anyone who killed him.


    Obviously, they didn't succeed. Anyway, back to our topic -- deep underground bases.



The Fire Fight At Dulce Base

    "Back in 1954, under the Eisenhower Administration, the 'federal' government decided to circumvent the Constitution of the United States and form a treaty with alien entities. It was called the 1954 Greada Treaty, which basically made the agreement that the aliens involved could take a few cows and test their implanting techniques on a few human beings, but that they had to give details about the people involved. Slowly, the aliens altered the bargain until they decided they wouldn't abide by it at all.


    Back in 1979, this was the reality, and the fire-fight at Dulce occurred quite by accident. I was involved in building an ADDITION to the deep underground military base at Dulce, which is probably the deepest base. It goes down seven levels and over 2.5 miles deep. At that particular time, we had drilled four distinct holes in the desert, and we were going to link them together and blow out large sections at a time. My job was to go down the holes and check the rock samples, and recommend the explosive to deal with the particular rock.


    As I was headed down there, we found ourselves amidst a large cavern that was full of outer-space (or "inner-space"? - Branton) aliens, otherwise known as large Greys. I shot two of them. At that time, there were 30 people down there. About 40 more came down after this started, and all of them got killed. We had surprised a whole underground base of existing aliens. Later, we found out that they had been living on [in] our planet for a long time... This could explain a lot of what is behind the theory of ancient astronauts.

(Note: This report seems to reveal a limited 'perspective' on the overall 'Dulce war' conflicts based on the experience of one individual. It appears, however, as if there was much more involved in the overall scenario than what Phil Schneider describes. For instance from Phil's description, it appears as if his team broke-in to the base 'accidentally'.


It could be that IN RESPONSE to the captured scientists mentioned by Thomas Edwin Castello and others, the special forces and intel agents intentionally attempted to break-in to the underground alien bases through a "back door" so-to-speak, yet Schneider may have not been aware of this part. Other reports would suggest that the conflict was more complex than this, and involved more than one firefight. According to other sources, the "Dulce Wars" involved AT LEAST a hundred highly-trained special forces. - Branton)

    "Anyway, I got shot in the chest with one of their weapons, which was a box on their body, that blew a hole in me and gave me a nasty dose of cobalt radiation. I have had cancer because of that.

    "I didn't get really interested in UFO technology until I started work at Area 51, north of Las Vegas. After about two years recuperating after the 1979 incident, I went back to work for Morrison and Knudson, EG&G and other companies. At Area 51, they were testing all kinds of peculiar spacecraft. How many people here are familiar with Bob Lazar's story? He was a physicist working at Area 51 trying to decipher the propulsion factor in some of these craft.



Schneider's Worries About Government Factions, Railroad Cars and Shackle Contracts

    "Now, I am very worried about the activity of the 'federal' government. They have lied to the public, stonewalled senators, and have refused to tell the truth in regard to alien matters. I can go on and on. I can tell you that I am rather disgruntled. Recently, I knew someone who lived near where I live in Portland, Oregon. He worked at Gunderson Steel Fabrication, where they make railroad cars. Now, I knew this fellow for the better part of 30 years, and he was kind of a quiet type. He came in to see me one day, excited, and he told me "they're building prisoner cars." He was nervous.


    Gunderson, he said, had a contract with the federal government to build 10,720 full length railroad cars, each with 143 pairs of shackles. There are 11 sub-contractors in this giant project. Supposedly, Gunderson got over 2 billion dollars for the contract. Bethlehem Steel and other steel outfits are involved. He showed me one of the cars in the rail yards in North Portland. He was right. If you multiply 10,720 times 143 times 11, you come up with about 15,000,000. This is probably the number of people who disagree with the federal government. No more can you vote any of these people out of office. Our present structure of government is 'technocracy', not democracy, and it is a form of feudalism.

(Note: I would venture to say that it is more like a techno-monarchy, since several of the U.S. presidents have been placed in office with Rockefeller financial and media backing, suggesting that these same presidential hirelings were inclined to favor certain Rockefeller and in turn International banking agendas. Techno-Monarchy would constitute those parts of the Military-Industrial Complex or MIC that are largely influenced by Rockefeller interests. According to various sources, the German immigrant Rockefellers are not the "top of the ladder" for the world conspiracy.


True, they 'control' much of the eco-political system in the UNITED STATES of America, however they are following the agenda of the Bildeberger cult: the 13 Wicca Masons, 13 Black Nobility, and 13 Maltese Jesuits who have joined together UNDER the covering of the Bavarian Illuminati -- which in turn is the modern manifestation of the joint human-alien 'serpent cult' which seems to have had its origins within the ancient underground Masonic systems of Egypt, a cult or collaboration that was brought to Bavaria by the early Germanic Trade Guilds during the height of the so-called 'Holy Roman' [German] Empire - Branton).

    It [this 'technocracy'] has nothing to do with the republic of the United States. These people are god-less, and have legislated out prayer in public schools. You can get fined up to $100,000 and two years in prison for praying in school.


    I believe we can do better. I also believe that the federal government is running the gambit of enslaving the people of the United States. I am not a very good speaker, but I'll keep shooting my mouth off until somebody puts a bullet in me, because it's worth it to talk to a group like this about these atrocities.



America's Black Program Contractors

    "There are other problems. I have some interesting 1993 figures. There are 29 prototype stealth aircraft presently. The budget from the U.S. Congress five-year plan for these is $245.6 million. You couldn't buy the spare parts for these black programs for that amount. So, we've been lied to. The black budget is roughly $1.3 trillion every two years. A trillion is a thousand billion. A trillion dollars weighs 11 tons.


    The U.S. Congress never sees the books involved with this clandestine pot of gold. Contractors of [these] programs:



            McDonnell Douglas


            Wackenhut Security Systems

            Boeing Aerospace

            Lorimar Aerospace

            Aerospacial in France

            Mitsubishi Industries

            Rider Trucks


            I.G. Farben a host of hundreds more. Is this what we are supposed to be living up to as freedom-loving people?


    I don't believe so.



Star Wars and Apparent Alien Threat

    "Still, 68% of the military budget is directly or indirectly affected by the black budget. Star Wars relies heavily upon stealth weaponry. By the way, none of the stealth program would have been available if we had not taken apart crashed alien disks. None of it.


    Some of you might ask what the "space shuttle" is "shuttling". Large ingots of special metals that are milled in space and cannot be produced on the surface of the earth. They need the near vacuum of outer space to produce them.


    We are not even being told anything close to the truth. I believe our government officials have SOLD us down the drain -- lock, stock and barrel. Up until several weeks ago, I was employed by the U.S. government with a Ryolite-38 clearance factor -- one of the highest in the world. I believe the Star Wars program is there solely to act as a buffer to prevent alien attack -- it has nothing to do with the "cold war", which was only a ploy to garner money from all the people -- for what?


    The whole lie was planned and executed for the last 75 years.



Stealth Aircraft Technology Use by U.S. Agencies and the United Nations

    "Here's another piece of information for you folks. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the ATF rely on stealth tactical weaponry for as much as 40% of their operations budget. This in 1993, and the figures have gone up considerably since. The United Nations used American stealth aircraft for over 28% of its collective worldwide operations from 1990 to 1992, according to the Center for Strategic Studies and UN Report 3092.



The Guardians of Stealth and Delta Force Origins of the Bosnia Conflict

    "The Guardians of Stealth: There are at least three distinct classifications of police that guard our most well-kept secrets. Number one, the Military Joint Tactical Force [MJTF], sometimes called the Delta Force or Black Berets, is a MULTI-NATIONAL tactical force primarily used to guard the various stealth aircraft worldwide. By the way, there were 172 stealth aircraft built.

    Ten crashed, so there were at last count about 162. Bill Clinton signed them away about six weeks ago TO THE UNITED NATIONS.


    There have been indications that the Delta Force was sent over to Bosnia during the last days of the Bush Administration as a covert sniper force, and that they started taking pot shots at each side of the controversy, in order to actually START the Bosnia conflict that would be used by succeeding administrations for political purposes.



Thoughts on the Bombings in the United States

    "I was hired not too long ago to do a report on the World Trade Center bombing. I was hired because I know about the 90 some-odd varieties of chemical explosives. I looked at the pictures taken right after the blast. The concrete was puddled and melted. The steel and the rebar was literally extruded up to six feet longer than its original length. There is only one weapon that can do that -- a small nuclear weapon. That's a construction-type nuclear device.


    Obviously, when they say that it was a nitrate explosive that did the damage, they're lying 100%, folks. The people they have in custody probably didn't do the crime. As a matter of fact, I have reason to believe that the same group held in custody did do other crimes, such as killing a Jewish rabbi in New York. However, I want to further mention that with the last explosion in Oklahoma City, they are saying that it was a nitrate or fertilizer bomb that did it.

    "First, they came out and said it was a 1,000 pound fertilizer bomb. Then, it was 1,500. Then 2,000 pounds. Now its 20,000. You CAN'T put 20,000 pounds of fertilizer in a Rider Truck. Now, I've never mixed explosives, per se. I know the chemical structure and the application of construction explosives. My reputation was based on it. I helped hollow out more than 13 deep underground military bases in the United States.


    I worked on the MALTA project, in West Germany, in Spain and in Italy. I can tell you from experience that a nitrate explosion would not have hardly shattered the windows of the federal building in Oklahoma City. It would have killed a few people and knocked part of the facing off the building, but it would never have done that kind of damage.


    I believe I have been lied to, and I am not taking it any longer, so I'm telling you that you've been lied to.

 Phil Schneider lecture - Part 2


(With the preceding confirmation of his claims, we now Return to the Phil Schneider lecture. - Branton):


    The Truth Behind the Republican Contract With America

        "I don't perceive at this time that we have too much more than six months of life left in this country, at the present rate. We are the laughing stock of the world, because we are being hood-winked by so many evil people that are running this country. I think we can do better. I think the people over 45 are seriously worried about their future. I'm going to run some scary scenarios by you. The Contract With America. It contains the same terminology that Adolph Hitler used to subvert Germany in 1931. I believe we can do better. The Contract With America (or is it the "Contract ON America"? - Branton) is a last ditch effort by our federal government to tear away the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


    Some Statistics on the Black Helicopter Presence

        "The black helicopters. There are over 64,000 black helicopters in the United States. For every hour that goes by, there is one being built. Is this the proper use of our money? What does the federal government need 64,000 tactical helicopters for, if they are not trying to enslave us. I doubt if the entire military needs 64,000 worldwide. I doubt if all the world needs that many. There are 157 F-117A stealth aircraft loaded with LIDAR and computer-enhanced imaging radar. They can see you walking from room to room when they fly over your house. They see objects in the house from the air with a variation limit of 1 inch to 30,000 miles. That's how accurate that is. Now, I worked in the federal government for a long time, and I know exactly how they handle their business.


    Government Earthquake Device, AIDS as a Bioweapon based on Alien Excretions

        "The federal government has now invented an earthquake device. I am a geologist, and I know what I am talking about. With the Kobe earthquake in Japan, there was no pulsewave as in a normal earthquake. None. In 1989, there was an earthquake in San Francisco. There was no pulse wave with that one either. It is a Tesla device that is being used for evil purposes. The black budget programs have subverted science as we know it.


        Look at AIDs, invented by the National Ordinance Laboratory in Chicago, Illinois in 1972 (and passed to the United Nations - World Health Organization via the military Biogenetics facility at Ft. Detrick, Maryland to be injected into Small Pox vaccines in Africa and Hepatitus-2 vaccines in America, according to Drs. William Campbell Douglas, Alan Cantwell, Jr. and Dr. Robert Strecker - Branton).


        It was a biological weapon to be used against the people of the United States. The reason I know this is that I have seen the documentation by the Office of Strategic Services, which by the way is still in operation to this day, through the CDC in Atlanta. They used the glandular excretions of animals, humans and alien humanoids to create the virus. (according to the above mentioned Drs., part of the production of the virus involved the splicing of the Bovine Leukemia and Sheep Visna viruses in cancered human-tissue cultures. - Branton) These alien humanoids the government is hobnobbing with are the worst news. There is absolutely no defense against their germs -- none. They are a biological weapon of terrible consequence. Every alien [Gray] on the planet needs to be isolated.

        "Saddam Hussein killed 3.5 MILLION Kurdish people with a similar biological weapon. Do we, the people of this planet, deserve this? No, we don't, but we are not doing anything about it. Every moment we waste, we are doing other people on the planet a disservice. Right now, I am dying of cancer that I contracted because of my work for the federal government. I might live six months. I might not. I will tell you one thing. If I keep speaking out like I am, maybe God will give me the life to talk my head off. I will break every law that it takes to talk my head off. ELEVEN of my best friends in the last 22 years have been MURDERED.


        Eight of the murders were called 'suicides.' Before I went to talk in Las Vegas, I drove a friend down to Joshua Tree, near 29 Palms. I drove into the mountains in order to get to Needles, California, and I was followed by two government E-350 vans with G-14 plates, each with a couple of occupants, one of which had an Uzi.


        I knew exactly who they were. I have spoken 19 times and have probably reached 45,000 people. Well, I got ahead of them and came to a stop in the middle of the road. They both went on either side of me and down a ravine. Is this what its going to take? I cut up my security card and sent it back to the government, and told them if I was threatened, and I have been, that I was going to upload 140,000 pages of documentation to the internet about [secret] government structure and the whole plan.


        I have already begun that task.

"Thank you very much."
End of May 1995 Lecture


(Recently a friend of mine related an unusual experience involving an abduction to an underground system southeast of Denver. I personally believe that his experience supports Alex Christopher's claim of a vast underground network under the DIA area.


This individual, Todd J., has experienced abductions by the Grays ever since he was a child. In later years he and a friend by the name of Mike traveled to Nevada to investigate Area 51, and while there witnessed an unusual orange object in the sky that they could not identify through conventional means.


While staying in a motel room on the way back from their experience, Todd had the following experience - Branton):

    "...I opened my eyes and saw someone standing beside the bed. A faint blue light surrounded the personage which appeared to be a gray colored 'man' with a big head and large black almond-shaped eyes. It reached out and GRABBED my hand and all of a sudden the room changed into some type of a laboratory with strange computers and screens. The alien spoke to me, and I sensed he was trying to 'show' affection towards me. He called me The chosen One. I expressed I have had it with you guys, I told you before to leave me alone, you are not good and can not make me believe you are good.


    The being explained that I was chosen as a Prophet and he spelled out on a paper a new name for me. I read the name and it said Enoch. I told him that God may have chosen me but not you, and not in this manner. You can not deceive me, I know what you are and what you are doing, and you have no right to take me from my bed at night against my will. The being replied, 'You do not realize what you are saying, we are also creations of God and are good. We shall show ourselves to the world soon and then you must decide what to do'. I got angry and commanded the alien in the name of Jesus Christ to take me back. All of a sudden the strange room was filled with a bright white light and I was taken into it. The next morning I awoke with a slight headache and a nose-bleed...

    "Here is an experience I had with the underground...

    "The most unusual abduction I have had so far occurred in May of 1993. I remember first being inside a UFO high above the earth, not remembering how I got there. I was standing on a circular silver pad with two grays beside me -- it reminded me of the teleporter room you see on Star Trek. I could not move and I noticed my hands were bound by some sort of metallic device. I saw the front of the room turn into a type of window and we were looking down over the earth, but I could not see any stars.


    The gray at the control panel was moving its hands back and forth but there did not seem to be any dials on the panels just holes and places to put their hands. The larger gray beside me held up his arms and we flew down to the earth at a great speed. We then appeared to be flying over a city, which reminded me of Denver. We flew south-east to a deserted area with some mounds and the ground opened up and the entire craft went down into the earth. We rapidly went through some type of tunnel and then finally came to a stop.

    "A door opened to the left of us and a strange light poured into the craft. I noticed that above the door were some strange glyphs - like some form of altered Egyptian. I could move my legs and the larger gray directed me outside the craft with two smaller grays. We were in a very barren place full of dirt -- the sky appeared unusually orange and gray as if it was some type of artificial light. I saw a building with the initials MJ upon it and was greeted by three peculiar looking men dressed in black. The men told me that they were MJ 1, 2 and 3. I at that time did not know what it stood for. I was then turned about and taken down a cavern entrance until we came to some very huge ancient looking doors. The grays waved their arms and the doors opened.

    "Inside was one of the most beautiful places I ever had seen. It was an underground city paved with marble and gold. There was abundant plant life and lots of water. I saw many people walking about dressed in white robes and they were all busy doing something. I was taken into a palace type building and we came to a throne.

    "The throne turned around towards me and I was face to face with a strange looking man. It appeared to be half human -- half alien. It was quite huge, and was clothed in a crimson robe. Its eyes were large and black but had pupils. It had almost full lips and a nose. It wore a crown of some sort.

    "It then spoke to me telepathically. 'Greetings Todd, The chosen one, we have awaited your arrival.' I inquired 'The chosen one? Chosen for what?' It explained that they had chosen me to join their people and that I was a prophet to lead them. They would give me great powers -- every power I had ever dreamed of -- I could fly, I could tell the future, I could heal the sick and travel through time. I got angry and said 'I am a servant of Jesus Christ and the only power I need is the priesthood of God. If I was meant to have the things of which you speak then God would show them to me in his due time. Now I ask for you to let me go -- you have no right to do this to me.'


    The being then said that God had made them also and that God had sent them to tell me these things. This made me even more upset, because it seemed they would have told me that in the first place if they were really from God. Instead they did not mention that until I said I was a servant of God. So I commanded them in the name of Jesus Christ to let me free. In which the being tapped the metal bands on my wrists and they flowed like mercury into the shape of a ball into his hand. He then bowed his head and told us to depart.

    "The two small grays took us back to the entrance. I looked around one last time and the people were looking at me with confused faces and a bit of interest in me. Who ever they were I had a desire to HELP them and to know what they were doing here. But I wanted to leave and as we were walking away back toward the cavern entrance one of the grays asked me if I was sure I was making the right decision. I affirmed I knew I was. I asked it if it knew Jesus Christ, and it seemed to be AFRAID of the word and affirmed he did NOT know him.


    I got angry and picked up the gray and threw it against a wall until it collapsed. I was about to try and turn back to the PEOPLE when I felt a buzz on my neck and everything went black. When I came to I was back in my bed..."

Todd's anger was apparently sparked as a result of the smaller Grey saying it did not know Jesus Christ / God when the large being had implied that they DID, and that they were operating under His orders.


It would seem that deception was used here. This anger may also have been a response on Todd's part to years of violation by the Grays of his free agency. Some believe, and I tend to agree, that the Greys have to have some kind of 'open door' to manipulate a person's life. It may not necessarily be an 'invitation', but a 'crack' in the psyche that the Greys could exploit in order to get a person to open themselves up to their influence. The Greys are apparently determined to look for ANY loophole.


The individual abductees themselves might be encouraged into capitulating their will over to the Greys through alien deception and trickery. However the 'open door' might also be -- as in the case of a child -- a result of a 'foothold' the aliens have established in the minds of a parent, a religious leader, or political leader in whom the child trusts... someone who HAS surrendered parts of their body, mind or spirit to the alien influence.


For instance a parent might buy the lie that the Greys are benevolent 'space brothers', a religious leader could accept the lie that they are 'angelic beings', a politician might see them as an other-planetary political force that must be appeased and negotiated with at all costs, and so on. From these people, the influence might 'trickle down' to the children under their care. This would explain why generational abductions seem to be occurring in many families over many generations.

We must remember that alone however, a typical Gray is not nearly as intelligent as a human being. Their overall intelligence comes from the alien group or collective mind, since they operate as part of a 'hive' type of mentality. Some believe that this group-mind is, in turn, controlled by invisible entities associated with the fallen angelic factions which have since ancient times been incarnating through the reptilian races for the purpose of using these entities as physical 'channels' through which they are able to carry out their purposes in the physical domain.


This may explain why the Grays have knowingly and blatantly lied to abductees and attacked traditional spiritual belief systems by making such claims as the following:

    "We genetically created the human race" [the result, we must acknowledge them as our 'gods']; or, "We created Jesus Christ" [this is interesting, especially when we consider that Jesus of Nazareth verbally blasted and condemned the 'serpent' race as being in league with Satanic forces, on more than one occasion]; and in the case of Todd's experience... that he was a "Chosen One".

Thousands of abductees have been told that they are the supreme spokesperson for the aliens on earth, or specially chosen for some mission. In other words they gain their followers the same way Adolph Hitler did -- by stroking their egos:

    "YOU ARE THE MASTER RACE," etc., etc., ad nauseum.

And it would seem that in the same way that many 'religious' leaders claim to be the SOLE spokesman for God on earth -- these contactees, abductees or mediums consider themselves to be the sole voice of the aliens. I would suggest that you do not respect any HUMAN who claims to be the 'sole spokesman' of God, not unless they are able to back up their claims by living a perfectly FLAWLESS life.


All of this has contributed to the overall division and animosity which exists among various UFO research groups. Playing on human ego's is apparently a time-tested and very effective way for the Grays to gain the trust and cooperation of humans on, within or beyond the planet earth.

Following are additional experiences that were related by Todd J, beginning with an incident that occurred while he was still a child.


While looking through UFO books in a school library in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, Todd experienced a disturbing flashback:

    "...I came across a drawing of an alien made by a little boy who said he saw one in his back yard. It was the exact same thing I saw in [a] dream when I was little, it shocked me so much that I immediately closed the book and left the library. "Then it started to happen, at night I would always have a strange feeling of being watched while I slept. Sometimes the FEAR became so intense that I couldn't sleep, which would result in me sleeping-in the following morning and skipping school.


    Then the weird stuff started. I began to wake up at night and see balls of light floating around in the darkness and I couldn't move, so I just closed my eyes. Then one night I got up to go to the bathroom and for some reason I felt I needed to go look in my brother's room. When I looked in I saw that face in the window, the big black eyes, the round head and slanted chin. It freaked me out because we lived in a two story house. I ran to my room and hid under the blankets.

    "The following nights I would pray about it and asked God to protect me. Then as I laid in bed after everyone was asleep I started to hear buzzing from outside the window. An extreme fear came over me and I couldn't move and I couldn't yell for my parents. An eerie green light started to fill my bedroom from outside and then I would somehow just wake up the next morning not remembering anything after the green light. I would usually have a severe headache, a sore throat, or feel extremely tired and drained of all my energy.

    "After about three or four nights of this I knew it would probably happen again, and it did. This time I prepared myself... When the green light entered the room, my body was paralyzed. I tried to call upon Heavenly Father to cast it out of my room but I could not speak, my jaw was really tight. So I prayed in my head when all of a sudden I saw that the wood-grain on my bedroom door appeared to be forming into the face of man with a beard and long hair. I thought it was Jesus Christ.


    Then a bright white light came from above me and chased the green light away. As soon as this happened I had control of my body and I immediately pulled the covers over my head, I had no idea that God would actually do such a great thing. I then heard a voice which was so calm and loving saying to me 'You are safe now Todd, you may go back to sleep.' And I peeked through the blankets and saw a man in white clothes standing beside my bed. I was still a little frightened but I felt peace and that the terror was over...for now.

    "...It was the Thanksgiving of 1992, my grandmother and uncle had come up for Thanksgiving dinner and to spend the day with us. During the day my grandmother started talking to me about aliens for some reason and I started telling her of the things I had seen when I was little.

    "Then that night I remember being awaken by a noise, I first noticed that my computer monitor was reflecting a bright green light and then my whole room was filled with a bright green light. My first thought was, 'Oh no, they're back!' Then I again was paralyzed as it had happened to me when I was twelve. I was looking out my bedroom window and I stared face to face with a gray alien.


    There were two more behind him. I tried to yell but again my jaw was tight and my tongue was stiff. It just looked at me with those scary big black eyes liked it looked into my soul. I felt evil and fear, I am surprised I did not release my bowels! Then the light consumed me and I was drawn out of my bed into the light. While this was happening I was praying in my head and all of a sudden I was walking down the street in front of my house with an angel.

    "This angel was a magnificent looking man. He was about seven feet tall and the bright white light around him was as pure as freshly fallen snow and it radiated about the entire front yard like a morning sunrise. His face was gentle and happy and his eyes looked at me lovingly. His whole countenance was just amazing beyond description.

    "He placed his hand upon my shoulder and pointed toward the house. I looked over to my bedroom window and saw the three beings still at my window hovering above the ground in a bright green beam of light which seemed to be coming from nowhere. The angel stayed by my side and protected me. I tried to cast the small gray aliens away with my priesthood but they were still there

(Note: Todd at this time was a member of the Mormon religion, and tried to respond to these 'evil' creatures according to how he had been 'taught'. - Branton).

    I was so angry, the things that had made my life miserable since I was a child now there within my view, and I saw how weak they were, how small. And I thought 'These beings are so small, yet their power is enough to stop me in my tracks.'

    "But this time I was FREE, this time I could harm them and I did. I ran to one and grabbed it by the neck and started to strangle it. I could feel its spine coming through the back of its neck as it let out a horrible screeching noise.

    "They were not very tall, only about four feet high -- but they hovered in this light up to my height until they were next to my face. Their skin was like a reptile's, cold and leathery. Their damn eyes got to me the most... big black liquid eyes, just two holes for a nose and barely a mouth, just a slit. Their bodies were not very proportional as ours are. Their arms hung down a little past their knees, and their heads seemed too large for their neck to support it.

    "The angel just stood by as I went into a rampage and killed all three of them. They were so fragile. The angel smiled as if I had done the right thing. And we then proceeded to lay the dead bodies on the lawn. I watched the green light fade away and saw no light except the brilliant radiance of the angel's. The angel knelt down at the bodies which seemed to be changing from gray into a sick yellowish color. I watched as the angel opened his robes and unsheathed a golden sword and began to cut away the tops of the beings' heads and their brains came out in an upper and lower section.

    "The angel arose and spoke, 'Behold, they are nothing to us. They are nothing but creatures of evil.' Then a blue light or conduit from the sky actually transported them into small balls of light and took them away. So I have no evidence that I actually killed them. We, the angel and I then entered the house, and in the kitchen were three more aliens. One came up to me with a long shiny metal rod that seemed to have a laser beam coming out it.


    The alien stuck it in the left side of my neck and it stung really bad and then I could not move, so the angel touched me and I could move again. I then immediately punched the alien square in the face breaking its neck and killing it instantly. The other two stood by looking at their fallen comrade -- their moves were very quick and their heads rotated almost as fast as a lizard. The angel held up his arms and spoke. 'In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to depart.'


    Then both the creatures immediately fell to the floor and these gray aliens were again taken up into a beam of light in the same manner as before.

    "Then the angel covered my eyes and then uncovered my eyes. I was all of a sudden on top of a large mountain looking down over a large valley FILLED with aliens and strange looking humans and their spacecraft. Then I saw hundreds of people dressed in white walking on the mountain with us as if they had come to watch. And then a voice from heaven said 'Behold, these evil ones have perverted the ways of the Lord and deceived many and fornicated with my children.


    They shall have no place in my kingdom nor in this world to come.' Then a FIRE came down from the sky and CONSUMED all the beings and all the strange human[oids] and all the UFOs and nothing was left. The angel then spoke saying I had seen enough and he again placed his hand over my eyes. I awoke from my bed and it was morning.

    "Later in that year even in the same month I noticed a scar in the shape of a circle that I never had before. I couldn't recall how it got there but one day when my mom asked me how it got there I had a flashback of when the alien stuck that silver rod in my neck. Now I had proof that I've seen them!

    "On this SAME NIGHT of November 22, 1992, there was a UFO crash on Long Island, New York which was supposedly shot down by the government with a plasma cannon. I have seen the pictures of the small gray alien captured at the crash site and it was exactly the same type that abducted me."



Note: All of this brings to mind the controversy over the 'material' aspects of UFO encounters vs. the 'supernatural' aspects. It would seem from the above, as well as from other sources, that the 'Greys' for instance are both physical as well as supernatural beings... or rather malevolent spirit-entities utilizing or possessing physical alien 'bodies'. In a sense you could say that the same holds true about humans themselves: we are physical-soular-spiritual beings, we possess 'blood plasma' which contains both physical AND spiritual essence -- which may be why the Greys are so interested in human 'blood' by the way.

Although traditional 'Greys' have a strong collective mentality in addition to a [gross] spiritual and physical nature, they have no 'soul'. Since supernatural forces play a major part in alien operations against humans on earth, humans must develop their SPIRITUAL defenses as well as their intellectual and physical defenses, since the Greys attack on all three levels of our beings through what might be described as a form of psychotronic techno-sorcery.

One must be careful not to open oneself to their influences however. There is a growing number of quantum physicists who are beginning to realize that there is a 'spiritual' side to science. At the lowest sub-atomic levels the physical laws of 'logic' seem to break down into what might be referred to as 'etheric' or 'spiritual' laws that do not necessarily apply to physical laws, or what many spacefaring cultures refer to as 'Divine Geometrics' or the 'laws of spirit' at work behind the 'laws of physics'. So it is difficult to find where the electromagnetic realm ends and the etheric realm begins.


This is the very basis of the OCCULT TECHNOLOGY that is being developed within the Dulce base, it is SUPERNATURAL TECHNOLOGY, a deadly form of Techno-Sorcery. This who attempt to resist the Greys will soon discover that the conflict they have become involved with is not just a spiritual one, and not just a physical one, but a warfare that is in fact a FUSION of material and spiritual realities.

Most people do not realize that our modern 'science' has largely developed from the occult-sciences of the past, or the 'Alchemists'. So who can say exactly where science ends and the supernatural begins? Apparently at least with much of the UFO phenomena, the exact distinction may be very hard to find. Does this mean that technology and the supernatural are 'evil'? Not necessarily, for the physical 'forces' of the universe and the supernatural 'forces' of the universe can be used by our physical and spiritual natures respectively for either good or evil.


Being that we are of a spiritual-psychic-physical nature, we as humans possess abilities that we can not begin to understand. In this cosmic battle there are no 'neutral' forces. In other words we can NOT utilize these spiritual-psychic-physical abilities in a 'neutral' way or believe that we are in ultimate control of these abilities ourselves, since there are intelligence's which are so powerful in this universe that to them we appear as mere 'pawns' who can be manipulated for their own use.


The important thing is not for the pawn to 'realize its own pawnhood', but for each of us to consider which 'player' has our best interests at heart. I definitely believe that one of the 'players' is much more benevolent than anything we can imagine, and the other is far more malevolent than anything we can conceive. I believe that we must DECIDE which side of the cosmic battle we will serve, and this all comes back to the old fundamental reality that we have known all along: will we commit our spiritual-psychic-physical abilities to 'God' [good] or to the 'Devil' [evil]?


To the Almighty, who desires to establish a universe of perfect harmony, order, truth and love; or to the collective rebel angels and their alien 'puppets' who desire only to devour and consume everything around them like the 'spiritual black holes' that they are?

There are more and more reports coming my way, like the one that appears above, which strongly suggest that in spite of the physical and tangible aspects of many of the aliens [Greys, Reptiloids, etc.], the true powers that must be contested are the motivating supernatural entities which possess and incarnate many if not most of these soulless 'aliens', simply because at some point in the past these 'aliens' themselves submitted to the complete control of these supernatural beings.


They rejected the universal law of respecting the Divinely-established sovereignty of other beings, whether on an inter-planetary, inter-national or inter-personal basis. In violating the sovereignty of others they themselves lost their own personal sovereignty, liberty or independence.


They chose to ally themselves with members of a collective 'hive' mind which assured them that it was right to violate the sovereignty of other beings, and that it was logical for the 'collective' to assimilate all things under its control even if the individuality of those assimilated was all but destroyed. So in joining with a force which advocated the conquest of other 'sovereignties', they in turn forfeited their own.

Will our human race be the next race to be 'assimilated' by these astral parasites and the corrupted physical alien races under their control? I believe the decision is entirely and individually up to us.

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Re: Aliens are real! I knew it!
« Reply #6 on: June 08, 2013, 06:30:14 PM »
The Phillip Schneider Investigation
From American Patriot Friends Network <>

Phil Schneider was liquidated just prior to releasing a tell-all book. He had a Rhyolite clearance ~ the highest ever to come out and tell it like it is.
The "Esoteric World News" printed much about Phil Schneider a couple years back ~ including the part about his fears that the "gumshoes" were after him.
In May, 1995, Phil Schneider did a lecture on what he had discovered. Seven months later he was tortured and killed by those for whom he had previously worked. This man's final acts should not go unnoticed.
Tribute to Philip Schneider
The Phillip Schneider Investigation * [May 26, 2000 - APFN NOTE: THIS LINK IS TEMP DOWN] GO TO:
A Small Introduction
By Cynthia Drayer
My name is Cynthia Drayer, I live in Portland, Oregon, and I am the ex-wife of Philip Schneider. Philip and I met in 1986, were married in Carson City, Nevada, and had a daughter, Marie, in 1987. We were divorced in 1990 and lived in separate residences. Philip lived in an apartment complex in Wilsonville, Oregon. On 1/17/1996 I received a call that Philip was dead in his apartment and apparently had died up to a week before his body was discovered. At the time of the removal of his body, his cause of death was by a stroke. When I went to the funeral home I had feelings of discomfort about his death. I asked to view the body, but due to decomposition, the funeral director suggested otherwise. I wanted to be sure, in my own mind,. that Philip had not died under "unnatural causes".
For the last two years of his life, Philip had been on the "lecture tour" throughout the United States, talking out about government coverups. You name it, he was talking about it: Aliens (treaties and abductions), UFO's, the One World Government, Black Budgets, Underground Mountain Bases, CIA involvement in civilian murders and drugs, Stealth technology, the Philadelphia Experiment, Operation Crossroads (Bikini Island A-bomb experiments), Dulce Fire Fight, the Oklahoma bombing, the World Trade Center bombing, missing children, Gunderson Freight Cars, the opening of concentration camps and Marshal Law/UN involvement, man-made viruses and earthquakes, etc.etc.
A day later, I received a call from the Clackamas County Detectives, that the funeral director had found "something" around Philip's neck.
An autopsy was performed at the Multnomah County Medical Examiner's office (in Portland, Oregon) by Dr. Gunson, and she determined that Philip had committed suicide by wrapping a rubber cathater hose three times around his neck, and half-knotting it in front. There are several reasons why I believe that Philip did not commit suicide, but was murdered:
1. There was no suicide note.
2. Philip always told his friends and relatives, that if he ever "committed suicide" you would know that he had been murdered.
3. From a number of sources, including his taped lectures (video and audio), and statements to his friends, and the borrowing of a 9mm gun, Philip felt that he and his family were being threatened and were in danger because of his lecutres.
4. All of his lecture materials, alien metals, higher math books, photographs of UFO's coming out of the Operation Crossroad A-Bomb, notes for his book on the alien agenda, were missing. (Everything else in the apartment was still there, including gold coins, wallet with hundreds of dollars, jewelry, mineral specimens, etc.)
5. No coroner ever came out to his apartment after his body was found (against Oregon Law) - and a police investigation never took under consideration that items were missing from his apartment - it was considered a suicide, plain and simple
6. The medical examiner took blood and urine samples at the autopsy but REFUSED to analyze them, saying that the county would not "waste their money on a suicide". Although I was assured that the samples would be kept for 12 months, when I asked for these samples to be sent to an independent lab 11 months later they were "missing" and presumed "destroyed".
7. Philip had missing fingers on his left hand, and limited motion in his shoulders. I believe that it was physically impossible for Philip to have held the rubber hose in his left hand with missing fingers and then wrap the hose three times with shoulders that had limited motion. In order to end up where his body was, he had to sit on the edge of his bed, wrap the hose around his neck, slowly and painfully strangle to death, and fallen head first into a wheel chair.
8. Philip was an expert in chemicals and his own medical needs. He had multiple pills at hand that could have ended his life quickly and painlessly. He also had a 9mm gun that he had borrowed to protect himself. Why strangle himself in such an unusual manner?
9. Philip was very religious, and did not believe in suicide. He had intense chronic pain all of the time I knew him. At the time of his death, he was on disability, had a housekeeper, and had cancer. The operation to help him with his back pain did not alleviate the pain and he had brittle bone syndrome (osteoperosis). He struggled every day, not to die, but to live.
He felt that these lectures he gave was making a difference, and was looking forward to giving more. In fact he was scheduled for another lecture tour that started 1/16/96 in Tampa, Florida. He had just found a friend who was going to help him write a book about the New World Order, and he was enjoying his time with his daughter.
10. Philip was undergoing "injections" of "Beta Serone" every week in an experiment to stop his multiple sclerosis. After his death I contacted the only agency that conducted these experiments to obtain his medical record (OHSU). They had never heard of him, and he was not a part of their experiments. This would suggest people unknown were injecting him on a weekly basis with an unknown substance. He often times called me after these "shots" to tell me that he was too sick for his daughter to come and visit. I believe that the shots that Philip thought were being given to him to help him back to health, were actually being given to him to make him sick.
11. Philip was seen with an "unknown blonde haired woman" for several months before his death. Several times this same individual was seen or talked about and her mysterious presence only leads one to wonder if she had anything to do with his "suicide".
12. Several people with psychic abilities have indicated that Philip did not commit suicide, but was murdered (some say by 5 people: 4 men and 1 woman, 4 directly and one by taking out a "contract".
It is perhaps important to know WHY Philip began lecturing.
First: His background was as a Structural Engineer. He was an expert on explosives and their effects on geologic structures. He worked under two social security numbers. Most of his early work in underground mountain bases with Morrison-Knudsen was done using the wrong social security number. I was later able to prove that he had two numbers through the social security office when I applied for his daughter's death benefits. He worked for the Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Navy with the same wrong number. Only after he obtained SSI in 1981 did his "real" number come into play. He always told me that he had a Rhyolitic Clearance and that his father had a Cosmic Clearance from his work with NATO. And that is the second reason why Philip began lecturing.
Second: On top of his first hand knowledge about underground mountain bases and government black budgets, and the alien agend as (he was one of the survivors of the Dulce Fire Fight with aliens in New Mexico) his father was also involved in government black projects. When Philip's father, Captain Oscar Schneider, Medical Doctor, United
States Navy, died in 1993, Philip discovered documents and photographs in his father's basement which proved that Oscar had been involved in both the Philadelphia Experiment and Operation Crossroads. Philip now had letters written in the 1940's and 1950's showing that Oscar helped to isolate the crewmembers of the Philadelphia Experiment and that Oscar later autopsied them as they died. He also had photographs of UFO's fleeing through mushroom clouds after the A-bomb was dropped above the lagoon at Bikini Atoll. This was "Operation Crossroads" and Oscar was involved in medical examinations of the animals and humans exposed to radiation after the bomb was dropped.
Third: I believe the main reason why Philip began to lecture was due to the "murder" of his friend Ron Rummel. Ron was found in a park in Portland in Sept. 1993. The police believed that he had committed suicide by shooting himself in the mouth. However, if you read the detectives report, there is blow-back blood on Ron's hand, but NO BLOW-BACK BLOOD ON THE GUN. The only way this could happen is if Ron had wiped the gun off AFTER he had shot himself in the mouth. Ron, Philip, and 5 other people had been collaborating on a little magazine called "The Alien Digest". It was starting to get a fairly wide circulation, when Ron was found in the park. Philip felt that his friend had been murdered, and decided that it was time to get everything out into the open, so he began "spilling the beans", and ripped up his security clearance card.
Pufori, through Jeroen Wierda, is one of several agencies and individuals that have taken up the call for justice in Philip's death.
My hopes are:
1. That Philip's death certificate will eventually be amended with the true cause of his death: murder. 2. That the world will come to know the truth about aliens, UFO's, the government cover-ups, black budgets, etc. and how they are affecting us. 3. That assets that belong to his only heir, Marie, can be located and turned over to her. 4. That Philip's true work quarters can be proven by people coming forward with information about knowing him before 1981, and that his daughter can eventually obtain the death benefits she deserves. 5. That no more "murders by suicide" ever occur to another individual.
Please look over the information contained in this website. The "truth is out there" and it is here.
Sincerely, Cynthia Schneider Drayer _____
APFN NOTE: I MEET WITH PHIL AT THE GLOBAL SIC. MEETING IN DENVER. WE TALKED EXTENSIVELY... I WILL DETAIL THESE TALKS IN THE NEAR FUTURE... We were to meet again, on Friday, of the week Phil got whacked. Phil had much info on the shadow government.
Phil may be gone, but he is not forgotten!
Kenneth L. Vardon...
Additional web info on Phil Schneider
This message posted to APFN message board:
The Phillip Schneider Investigation Saturday, 27-May-2000 15:22:29
Mr. Philip Schneider wasa very couragous man. Even being ill and in pain, He wanted us to know what was happening in our country. I can only hope that those who listened to him became aware of our corrupted government. People can't change anything if they don't have information. I believe his wife is truly a brave woman. She is doing her best to clear his name. She also is in danger. I hope getting this information out will help everyone connected with Mr. Schneider.
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Re: Aliens are real! I knew it!
« Reply #7 on: June 08, 2013, 06:55:06 PM »
I can't wait to read this tomorrow on my computer, I'm pretty sure I saw a UFO years ago, call me crazy.
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Re: Aliens are real! I knew it!
« Reply #8 on: June 08, 2013, 08:19:42 PM »
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?  I'm not saying aliens aren't out there.  Because they are.  But Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? 

(this is not a response to RandomHero)

That all seems... well not all, but some of it seems.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?   

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Re: Aliens are real! I knew it!
« Reply #9 on: June 08, 2013, 10:26:06 PM »
all this is new news? this..1hr 38 min point is still crazy
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21:07:32 VOLTAN: lotion took he ard black dick straightn up the ole galleys arse, with a +4 roll. biotch

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Re: Aliens are real! I knew it!
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I can't wait to read this tomorrow on my computer, I'm pretty sure I saw a UFO years ago, call me crazy.

Same here.  It was a clear blue day, not a cloud in the sky.  Middle of nowhere, driving from kansas to colorado.  A chrome looking object high in the sky.  There was a flash of light then it disapeared.  Had to be the size of a football field. 

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Re: Aliens are real! I knew it!
« Reply #12 on: January 28, 2014, 03:40:59 PM »
there Is a lot cooler shit on the moon than that..

I used to research this stuff all the time and honestly now I believe nothing is real.. there are not aliens that visit this planet anymore..with everyone having a hd camera in their pocket on their phone there has not been any real good footage of anything..the last video  saw that was strange was this and most have figured a way to create it with camera effects

here is a pretty cool 10 min vid with strange shit in the sky.. and the c2c caller that is well known
21:07:32 VOLTAN: lotion took he ard black dick straightn up the ole galleys arse, with a +4 roll. biotch

(23:06:28) Szabada: If I had started Tannehill over stupid fuck face Cutler

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Re: Aliens are real! I knew it!
« Reply #13 on: January 28, 2014, 04:33:39 PM »
I believe aliens are out there. I also believe that they know we are retards and want nothing to do with us. To think that we are alone in such a huge universe (or multi-verse as they are saying now) is just arrogant and ignorant. Especially when you consider that we find new life everyday here on Earth.

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