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"The Land of Showtime for Free" (A Minecraft 360 World...20C style!)

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So I wanted us to have a thread of our very own, for our great Minecraft World, The Land of Showtime for Free.   :drinks2:   All post related to OUR World and strategy that we should have... what we should build next, and all that kind of stuff shall be post in here.    I look forward to our World growing, and I think we've started of with a GREAT seed.   I'll be back on as soon as Omega text me he's coming on.   As of this post, we only have ONE structure of safe keep with 4 beds, easily can make more, BUT our MINES are fucking INCREDIBLE thanks to Lotion, Szabada and Isnt getting crazy in there.   Already have found Diamonds, Gold, Iron, Lapis, Red Stone and Coal.   We've also hit bedrock.    Our land has A LOT of Sugar Cane, and I've found Clay already, and have made it into brick so far.

Everyone from the site is Welcome to play with us in this... help us build an awesome land.   I can't wait to take pictures of this.   I am going to star a rail system to Szabadas mine that he found, and we have a great start where we are at on the other side as well.   You shall see when you join.   A few pictures from the main Minecraft thread of our new World...


The Land of Showtime for Free Laws:

If you are creating a house/building/structure, let everyone know on here if you would like nobody to mess with it.  That is an understandable request, and one that everyone should respect.

Please put a sign next to YOUR OWN PERSONAL CHEST.  That way nobody will take anything from YOUR own personal chest.  If a chest is in a mine down deep, most always those are communal chest for everyone to take from.  Please list with a posted sign in front of your OWN PERSONAL CHEST so that others will not take your personal belongings.

If you can think of other stuff, please say something, and I will add it to this first page.  :)

--- Quote from: miDnIghtEr20C on June 15, 2012, 08:10:04 AM ---
--- Quote from: OMEGA BOMBS 20C on June 15, 2012, 06:30:48 AM ---I will build a little tonight if your even on.  Am I going to be the only one building on your world or are others going to build?  Are you going to be on all day?  Did you quit your job?

--- End quote ---

The new map is FUCKING GREAT!   A LAVA FLOW STRAIGHT INTO THE OCEAN, I made the first house right inside the mountain next to it... so let me know how to make it where everyone spawns there.  There are natural mountains that go to the clouds.. there is lakes, iron, and coal all over i've seen so far.     So many trees so much sugar cane... very cool.   I used a generated seed that I found on my own.. it's called "Battlefield"  I tried that one, after I saw someone on youtube used Modern Warfare as their seed.    This seed is awesome!

And Omega, as far as I know, lot's should be joining in.   And there is snow and Ice as well next to the original spawn point, and next to the new house I made.

Here's a view from up high...

ps... oh yes... i'll be on all day randomly throughout the day... Jaxy is going to be bumming today... because today is a minecraft all day all night day!    hit me up on here when you get on... i'm taking a break.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: miDnIghtEr20C on June 15, 2012, 01:09:21 PM ---i will try to at times!  

and btw,.. there are 4 of us rocking "The Land of Showtime for Free" right now, and we have already found diamonds on this great seed!  Lotion and Szabada have struck it rich!

This was Szabada posing by the way next to his find of Diamonds.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: miDnIghtEr20C on June 15, 2012, 02:15:45 PM ---New Showtime for Free level, finding Gold and Red Stone as well as Iron in this shot of Water meets Lava.  Obsidian is forming as well here....

Isntmenttolast becomes the 3rd member to find Diamonds... First was Lotion (no picture), followed by Szabada above, and now Isnt...

--- End quote ---

I finally found some Diamonds too now!  At the Bedrock Quarry on the bottom you made there Lotion..... I dug a bit around that and found some!

Sunrise from Omegas Early Stages Snow Castle...

you know even with the torches i could still see better with out them on my game.  no wonder why you couldnt see!

To find the Main House that started it all, as well as our first Mine Shafts, look for coordinates X: -269, Y: 74, Z: -6


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