Author Topic: Nintendo 3DS owners dislike its 3D effects study finds  (Read 1192 times)

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Nintendo 3DS owners dislike its 3D effects study finds
« on: September 27, 2011, 09:35:02 PM »
I know I only use the 3D for cinematics and the 3D videos they release weekly.  And demo videos.  My kids aren't allowed to use the 3D at all.  It's really not needed.  And often times is a bit distracting during actual gameplay.

[Twenty-eight percent of Nintendo 3DS owners feel the 3D aspect of playing on the system detracts from the game experience according to a recent study. The results, revealed last week at the 3D Gaming Summit, found that conversely, twenty-two percent found that 3D improved games on the handheld. Further evidence of gamers’ dissatisfaction with the 3D effect is reflected by the thirteen percent of the system’s owners who keep the 3D turned off according to the report.

Research firm Interpret LLC surveyed over 1,600 adults in mid-May for the study reports Variety’s Technotainment blog. Their findings did show that general awareness of the Nintendo 3DS has passed 60 percent; however, most of those responding said they prefer 3D on a home gaming console to a portable device. With holiday sales coming up fast we’ll know soon enough if the 3DS can build up some momentum, but there are signs Nintendo may need more than a price cut to get the sales numbers up where it would like to see them./xquote]