Author Topic: Analyst: “EA Has Largely Missed This Console Cycle”  (Read 751 times)

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Analyst: “EA Has Largely Missed This Console Cycle”
« on: October 01, 2009, 11:26:29 AM »

Cowen and Company analyst Doug Creutz has suggested that “EA has largely missed this console cycle”, at the same time lowering sales estimates for a number of the publisher’s games.

Based on Cowen’s channel checks, Creutz reduced his sales estimates for multiplatform racing title Need For Speed: Shift and Wii exclusive shooter Dead Space Extraction by a total of roughly 250,000 units. The analyst expects the latest Need For Speed game to sell slightly under 900,000 copies in the US during its first year on the market, noting that “the franchise is firmly stuck in decline”.

He also lowered his first year US sales estimate for Bioware RPG Dragon Age: Origins by around 550,000 units to slightly less than 1.5 million.

However, Creutz said that EA distributed title The Beatles: Rock Band had “gotten off to a very strong start” and that he expects it to outsell Activision’s Guitar Hero 5 at retail in the US, shifting north of 3.5 million US units in its first year, versus roughly 2.2 million sales achieved by Rock Band 2 in the 12 months following its release.

EA has made a concerted effort to improve software quality ratings and to introduce more new IP into its product portfolio in recent times, balancing out older series and even shifting away from licensed titles. Launched during the competitive 2008 holiday season, new IPs Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge did join the likes of ‬Madden NFL‭ ‬09, ‬FIFA‭ ‬09 and NBA Live‭ ‬09‭ ‬on the publisher’s million-plus-sellers list last year, although the company admitted that it "could have done a better job" scheduling its release calendar. A job advertisement on Linked in has revealed that Dead Space 2 “is in the later stages of pre-production, ready for production in a few months”.

More recently, EA CEO John Riccitiello said that early sales of Madden NFL 10 were “discouraging”.

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Re: Analyst: “EA Has Largely Missed This Console Cycle”
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2009, 03:25:13 PM »
Well the Need For Speed franchise should have known better then to flood the market with several different games all at once, not to mention making it's first "sim racer" when we got Forza 3 coming out in a coupe months and (hopefully) GT5 in March. The big boys on the block are gonna destroy NFS on those sales.

Dead Space should have gone straight to DS2 instead of making a shitty rail shooter for the wii. No one has really been buying adult games for the wii anyways, even if they are good (i.e. madworld).

Dragon Age should do just fine in sales, considering Bioware's loyal fan base (guilty as charged) and their fairly ridiculous massive hype building campaign. Not to mention Mass Effect 2 should be coming out in Q1 of next year and make damn good sales.

Wasn't aware that Madden 10 hasn't been doing all that well. Surprising because I think it's the best they've had in years. Maybe people still feel scorned from the last couple titles...

Moral of the story, make good games, sell them to the right market, and don't try to have them compete with the guys who have already perfected the genre. If NFS:S was released just 3 months earlier I guarantee it's sales would be significantly higher. Oh well what do I care, I despise EA and it saddens me greatly that Bioware signed with them (that alone is capable of keeping them afloat a long long time.)