Author Topic: 3 open spots in keeper Fantasy Basketball league  (Read 1613 times)

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3 open spots in keeper Fantasy Basketball league
« on: October 22, 2010, 06:28:14 AM »
Tracky has a fantasy basketball league where we keep one player this year, and will keep 2 or 3 next year.  There are currently 3 open teams.  Here are the 3 open teams,  and a few key players on their rosters..

Antawn Jamison
David Lee
Steve Nash
Dwayne Wade

Finger Rolling Hookers
Gilbert Arenas
Devin Harris
Deron Williams
Dirk Nowitski

Dimpled Balls
Chris Paul
Lamarcus Aldridge
Jose Calderon
Trevor Ariza

Here's the league sign-up info.  Teams will be 1st come, 1st serve.  So sign up, and stake your claim to whatever above team is your desire.  Draft is tenatively scheduled for Sunday at 4:15pst.  But if we're not full bu tomorrow evening, we will push it back a week.

League ID# 27751

Password: amarerules