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Rules (so far)
« on: September 19, 2009, 01:10:39 AM »
0xym0r0n said it best on our old site,.. and I'm using them here.....

Welcome one and all to our forums, please do enjoy your stay and please read the rules (I know you hate reading other than what you post and what your friends post) but it must be done.  Though this site is Adult Oriented we must not go TOO far with this privilege.  Sure we can be uncensored in language but there are some lines in nudity we simply cannot, will not, and do not cross.  Anyway once you are done reading this like a little kindergartener learning the rules, feel free to post and express yourself (WITHIN REASON).  And now for what you have (or haven’t) been waiting for…The F-ING RULES!!!!

1.  Hardcore, Softcore, or Child-core Porn (or Pr0n) WILL NOT be tolerated on this site.
Please refrain from posting such posts (we don’t want to go to jail and be bubbah’s ass buddy).  A little Janet Jackson at the infamous super bowl type photo is acceptable, but anything beyond that is crossing the line so DON’T do it.  Also NO LINKING to ANY Pr0n sites for your own dignities sake.

2.  Try not to flame.
Flaming can be any one member(s) infuriating another member by posting obscene, vulgar, insults and resulting in a spammified (and a new hacker enemy) mess.  You will be warned only ONCE.  Remember we are in fact ADULTS and as such we should at least act like one.

3.  Be Respectful of others and their idiotic ideas.
Though you may think someone’s ideas may be “idiotic” please try to respect their ideas and just be courteous (this also falls under trying not to flame).  So be nice because you never know when Karma will kick you in the ass.

4.  Coarse Language is somewhat accepted.
As you can tell with the writing of these rules, you CAN cuss.  Now lets not try to be to fucking excessive with it.  Let it be subtle and humorous.  Once cussing becomes more than playful, then we (the elite administrators of this site) will not allow it anymore and that shit will suck.  So please use your language selectively and just be humorous and NOT AT ALL SERIOUS.

(We are bound by please pay attention and follow rules)


Your web site must conform to the following standards to be eligible to utilize this service:

User's content must comply in a manner consistent with any and all applicable laws of the State of California and the US Federal Government.
User's web site may not contain content promoting the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, nudity, or any other form of adult content, profanity, hate, "spam," fraud, racism, mlm, pyramid schemes, or promote any illegal activity.
User's message board and Web site must be in English

This next one is serious (fortunately or unfortunately)

6. Under NO circumstances shall any member threaten and/or cuss, flame, or demean a Mod and/or Admin.

This is a very serious offense and WILL NOT be taken lightly. Your IP will be recorded and you will be PERMANENTLY banned. Certain state laws require us to do so and this may result in prosecution under the laws in your residing state and may be indicted under this cyber threat. Depending on your laws you will be indicted and charged with this offense and possibly incarcerated for a set amount of time. This is also depending on the severity of the offense that was made. So please treat the Admin and Mods with the utmost respect. We would hate to see our members get banned or jailed for the DUMBEST of reasons.

6.  Have a humorous attitude.
As you can see we DON’T want to be an ALL SERIOUS site, quite the contrary, we want this forum to be a FUN and intellectually stimulating (well maybe not intellectually) for all members who visit this forum.  Have fun, MAKE FRIENDS (hell get a girlfriend….two if you already have one), and most of all……..shit I already said have fun…..well HAVE FUN.  Please as stated again and again (this will get MUNDANE) don’t be TOO serious, DON’T OFFEND (only in a PLAYFUL manner), and don’t take everything to the ass (i.e. don’t get “butt hurt”).

Well I hope you enjoyed reading the rules. 
Disclaimer:  Though this is a relatively lax and you have the freedom to express yourself, RULES ARE RULES (shit I know) and if a member does not follow these SIMPLE (seriously people SIMPLE its not like it is a quadratic equation with an epsilon as a variable of Pi…..ten people just went WHAT, and stated NERD) Rules then we fortunately or unfortunately HAVE TO (it is our obligation and right) to deny you access to the forums.  I know there is such things as making double accounts and fucking around with your IP but it is possible to single you out.  Please don’t test our powers err patience.  We made this forum for you, the members to free yourself from SOME rules that restricted you.

OK enough of this legal shit, lets go out there, get new members, and start posting.

A side note: For that Quote un quote elite administrators of this site, feel free to edit this as necessary.  I am only one fucking human and I don’t know everything and I forget shit as well.