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Author Topic: Official Rules of the Showtime for Free, Madden League.  (Read 17268 times)

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Re: Official Rules of the Showtime for Free, Madden League.
« Reply #90 on: September 14, 2011, 01:37:40 PM »
Voltan, and or Colts and Bolts... you guys have the mod power to edit this here post of mine, and update it with the rules of the league.   i will sticky this thread now.

Rules added:

-You must be active on this forum, or respond to Xbox Live messages to set up games with opponents.

-Communication is a must. If you do not show for your game for the time period or make the attempt to reschedule you will be removed from league.  Commissioners of league will have the final word.

- Two Games Per Week (Sun @ 12:00am to Wed @ 11:59pm & Thurs @ 12:00am to Sat @ 11:59pm) ***All times are PST***

- 7 min quarters - 15 second accelerated clock

- Game Speed - Normal

- All Pro Difficulty

- Injuries On

- Fatigue On

- Position for Position subs (i.e., no putting in corners at receiver)

-Sim Style Play (i.e., no nano blitzing, have to punt and kick fg when a normal team would). We have rookies in the league and we want to keep them interested and having fun. Basically just play the game like you would see it played on Sunday. Violations of this will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by V0LTAN and I.

- No onside kicks unless losing and in 4th quarter

- In order to go for it on 4th down:
*Can do it 2 times anywhere.
*Less than 4th and 3 in opponents 35-50 (midfield no man's land) doesn't count against your 2 times.
*If in the 4th quarter you are losing.
*In the final two minutes of either half if it's a tie game.

-You cannot go for a 2 point conversion unless you are
*Losing in the 4th quarter; or
*Converting a 2 pt conversion over an extra point would bring you to within or up by 3 points (a FG).

Rules on Rocket Catching:
-Cannot be done in the following situations:
***On 3rd or 4th and longer than 5 yards.
***In the red zone (i.e., can't do it between the 20 yard line and the opponent's end zone)
-Can only be done 3 times in an entire game anywhere else on the field.
-This also means that there can be no "jetpack" catches.
-User catching is fine but if you suspect something is wrong with a user catch then save a replay and post it for commissioner review.

-Any glitches results in forfeit and possible removal from league.
***This includes nano blitzes of any kind. If you suspect that someone has used a nano blitz in game then save a replay of the play when the game is over (if you don't know how to do this then ask someone), and post it for the commissioners to look at. Remember: blitzing more people than the other team has blocking is not a nano blitz.***

-Disconnects will happen. In a case of a disconnect you can restart. If you cannot get your game in because of disconnects it will be simmed. If a disconnect happens while the game is within 14 points, message the other person who disconnected before exiting the game to see what happened as the EA server may have bounced them for whatever reason. I trust that everybody on here is an honest person and won't be disconnecting games out of fear of a loss, which is why I think 14 points is a fair line to draw.

-YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO QUIT A GAME AND RESTART IT JUST BECAUSE ONE OF YOUR PLAYERS GOT INJURED. Players get injured in real football all of the time and it is a part of the game.

- Abusing any of these could have you removed from the league

- All trades have to be posted in the trade thread with the players being traded listed with their overall ratings. Voting will last for one (1) day. Post your trades here: http://showtimeforfree.com/index.php?board=98.0

- Trade deadline is week 6.

-Free Agents cannot be traded.

-There will be a password for the league to be determined at a later time.

-If someone is booted/quits you cannot leave the franchise and re-join as their team because they have a better record or you like that team better. The team you pick will be the team you are stuck with for the entire season. No exceptions and failure to comply will get you removed from the league.

Just wanted to bump this thread to make sure everyone was still up to date on what the rules are for this league. I changed it from 8 minute quarters with 15 sec accel clock from last year to 7 minute quarters with accel clock this year. Games tended to go a little too long last year, but we will tweak it as the season goes on.