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What is the next big game for 20C?

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I had fun with MW2, but once I hit level 70 I just didn't want to play anymore.  Also, I was not a fan of Uncharted 2's MP, it look way too many bullets to take someone down, IMO.  Kinda wish Splinter Cell Conviction had a real competitive MP Mode, I think it could have been fun.

So, what is the next big game people are looking forward to?  Halo Reach, Medal of Honor, Gears 3?  Is there something coming out sooner?

I'd like it to be something with Xbox first and foremost personally. XD However I would hope it would hope it would also be more tactical than Unreal Tournament. As much as I love Halo and the work they do, their MP feels so slow compare to COD's what 60-70FPS? Instead of 30FPS. I am REALLY looking forward to DUST514 especially since my brother has an awesome position to help us in EVE.

i'm looking forward to Halo Reach myself... that and i need to find a cheap copy of that BF that some are still playing ....  i want to give that a try too.     oh... and that Breach game.. forgot the name.. we have a thread in the xbox games section.    that looks like it might be really cool.

Master X:
I wish y'all get battlefield

I tried the demo and just couldn't get into it.  Right now I want to finish Dragon Age: Origins + Awakenings.  I also bought Deadly Premonition after getting some peer pressure from KTA.  Glad it was only $15 bucks.  I'll probably finish it eventually.  Need to find time to get through Mass Effect 2 as well.  Then I have Red Dead Redemption, ModNation Racers, UFC 2010, Alan Wake & Halo Reach pre-ordered.  My plate is full and I've sold about 15 of my games in the last few months.


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