Author Topic: Windows Phone roumours: Zune-like UI, no multitasking, Xbox gaming integration..  (Read 1775 times)

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We've had a pretty clear indication that Microsoft would have plenty to say about Windows Mobile 7 at MWC this month, and it looks like we now have the first significant batch of rumored details ahead of the presumed launch. While nothing is close to being confirmed just yet, PPCGeeks has received what it describes as some "truly amazing information" about what's now apparently known as Windows Phone 7, and it certainly paints an interesting picture. According to the site, Windows Phone 7 will sport an interface that's "very similar" to the Zune HD, along with a complete revamp of the start screen, and a UI (codenamed METRO) that's described as "very clean," "soulful," and "alive." Perhaps just as notably, the OS supposedly won't support multitasking, with applications instead simply pausing themselves when in the background (there will be support for push notifications, though). Also missing is Flash support (at least initially), as well as NETCF backwards compatibility for older applications, although there are apparently "high hopes" for porting NETCF to the new platform eventually.

On the upside, the OS is said to have full Xbox gaming integration (including gamertags, avatars and, yes, achievements), full Zune integration, full support for social networking, and a try before you buy system in the Marketplace. What we apparently won't be seeing at MWC, however, is any Windows Phone 7 hardware, as the announcement is said to focus solely on the user interface. According to PPCGeeks, however, Microsoft is confident that the first hardware will be ready by September of this year. Hit up the link below for the complete rundown.

The part in red should make XBOX fans happy. If it has no multitasking, that would be a huge shame IMO as that is the big reason I moved from iPhone OS to Android.

Still, a Zune HD like phone would be awesome IMO.  8)

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