Author Topic: What is 20C? What does it stand for?  (Read 3320 times)

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What is 20C? What does it stand for?
« on: September 19, 2009, 07:47:45 AM »
20C, stands for "Twenty Club".   The Twenty Club means that you have killed 20 or more people, in a game.   Examples.... Finishing with 22 kills, and 13 deaths.    Getting 20 kills in a game is a nice feat.   Not that it is a godly accomplishment, but it just means that you are a pretty skilled player, to be able to kill 20 or more foes, in a game.

20C was started by myself, and fellow Socom players @brocktoon20c and NavinRJohnson. (edit just now today, completely forgot about our other roommates gamer tag and that was (Do it Rippy) started the famous 20C .   Brock is a member of this site as well, with the XBox gamer tag,  brocktoon20c.    Together, with the help of other guys, we formed the 20C in Socom 2, and dominated the maps, "Frostfire, and Crossroads". 

Now we hope to accomplish the same task over on, and have a great team to represent Showtime for Free.  Anyone with a 360, and the game COD 4 when it comes out, is welcome to try out.   You DO NOT, need to have 20 kills in a game to qualify for the Clan, under special circumstances, but most try outs, you will need to accomplish that task.    We'll see. 

Happy Gaming, and welcome to the world of the Twenty Club... 8-)
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