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Title: Myst 3D
Post by: VOLTAN on December 27, 2011, 09:32:15 PM

You young whippersnappers don't know how good you have it, what with your tutorials and your automatic checkpoints. It's high time you learn to respect your elders, which is why the seminal adventure classic Myst is coming back with some fancy-schmancy three-dimensions to fool you into thinking it's new. Maximum Family Games announced today that the title will hit the Nintendo 3DS on March 27.

The announcement touts the remake as a faithful recreation of the PC classic, with new 3D environments to dazzle the eyes. It also includes the RIME Age from the 2000 remake, which wasn't a part of the original release, to give fans of the game a little something extra to chew on.

"The original Myst for PC systems was a groundbreaking game that brought the fantasy-adventure genre to mainstream casual gaming," said Len Ciciretto, president of MFG, in the announcement. "The new Myst honors that history by reintroducing this well-known franchise to younger generations." (