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Title: NightSky coming to 3DS eShop
Post by: VOLTAN on August 25, 2011, 12:37:39 PM

The moody PC game NightSky is coming to the 3DS eShop as well, indie developer Nicalis has announced. The company didn't mention exact release plans, and a Wii release is still up in the air, but Nicalis did drop word that another 3DS eShop game is in the works as well.

NightSky PC
The announcement came from a Nicalis tweet (via Game Set Watch). A separate tweet confirmed it would be coming through the eShop, and said "it looks great on the little 3DS screen." Yet another update hinted at a second eShop game in the works. We assume both games will take advantage of the system's 3D features.

NightSky received a quiet but positive release in January, but the company is probably better known for its WiiWare port of the PC indie hit Cave Story. The company's next eShop game is anybody's guess, because as Nicalis points out, it's worked on ten projects over the course of three years. It's safe to say their game output is prolific. (