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Title: Face Off
Post by: mischa316 on September 24, 2009, 08:47:16 PM
Well I watched this today on HD DVD I had not watched it yet on that format. I think this movie is great awsome plot and action. I think it's a cool idea where you could do something like this. Imagine the people you could mess with. Audio & Video were top notch very good transfer!!

When an antiterrorism agent (John Travolta) wants to get the bad guys, he goes under the knife to acquire the face and voice of a captured terrorist (Nicolas Cage). When Cage escapes from custody, he turns the tables and takes on Travolta's face. Oscar-worthy performances? No! But you will get an explosive cat-and-mouse pursuit of the utmost lethal ferocity.

PQ 4
AQ 4
Overall 4


Master X  “This was kinda weird lol but good.”